renaissance woman

Science teacher, writer, photographer, environmental and political activist, advocate, lobbyist, speaker, trainer, presenter, organizer, leader, naturalist, explorer, world traveler, renewable energy promoter,

graphic designer, motivator, dancer, choreographer, scuba diver, zipliner, camper, hiker...

I am seeking meaningful full time employment with a company, organization or educational institution that values creativity, individuality, collaboration, encourages professional growth and practices social responsibility.


I was born in New York and love people, culture, art, fashion and the city buzz. 


Growing up a Jersey girl, the sounds of the shore are ever in my ears. It's where I became a Girl Scout, camped for the first time, went to college, learned to scuba dive, was taught how to ride a dirt bike, and received a great public school education.


I now live in New Hampshire, where the coast is rocky, the forests are deep and the waterfalls are musical.


At age four, my first ballet and tap teacher was a former NYC Rockette and creative expression became an integral part of my life.

As a child and teen I performed with dance companies.

In college, among my other courses, I studied choreography and dance instruction. I've taught dance and taken students to competition in New Jersey and New Hampshire. While working on my Master's degree, I started a community dance school.


An interest in journalism began when I was chosen from hundreds to write for my grade school newspaper. 

A lover of words and literature, my first college degree was in English literature.

As an Environmental Science teacher, my students were encouraged to write for local newspapers and received awards for their work for three consecutive years.

I now write on environmental, climate, education and social justice concerns.


A love of travel means my suitcase could be packed for a tour of Europe or I might grab a backpack, tent, and fade into the woods.

Camping, hiking, photography, parasailing, scuba diving and ziplining are favorite activities. Spelunking, hang gliding and skydiving are on the list. I dream of Alaska, Africa and Antarctica!


A lover of the natural world, I have long been drawn to photography. A true naturalist, I observe, write prose and poetry, and am ever inspired by the outdoors.

Hiking, kayaking, being on board research vessels, scuba diving, watching and photographing shore birds and examining sea relics are among favorite riverine and seashore activities.



In 2010, when the BP oil spill leaked unchecked for months, I desperately wanted to use my oiled bird training to help, but wasn't being called. A science teacher friend in Louisiana helped me get into a water quality workshop for Gulf teachers and out to see the spill impacts first hand. Such field studies bring understanding and credibility to my work as an educator and writer.



While working on my Bachelor's degrees in Environmental Science and Biology, I was encouraged by an Economics professor to apply to graduate school. The school was a perfect fit, a life-changing experience.


I earned a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Communications, followed by a secondary science teacher certification while starting my own community dance school.


I'm tech and social media savvy, a quick study of new apps, design websites and graphics, edit photos and video and love using technology to enhance and my work and build networks.



Political engagement & advocacy ranges from energy, climate, health, air and water quality and food safety to social and racial justice, democracy, rights, protections, gender and pay equity. 


Outreach and networking includes lobbying state and federal representatives, questioning nearly all major 2016 presidential candidates at public forums, working with political campaigns and networking with other East Coast organizations for more just decision making by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

I am informed, active, involved, engaged and part of the solution.



Committed to environmental and social justice, my mind is always open, questioning, reassessing ideas, making connections, seeking solutions.

When Southern New Hampshire was threatened by a pipeline, I founded the organization, ECHO Action. My writing, photography, marketing, tech and social media skills were an asset as our community organizing and advocacy work connected with national campaigns.

Diverse experience supports a dedication to environment, effective communication strategies, education, and empowering others in support of more just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable communities. © 2020
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