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PM (Environmental/Political)

"...I’m a retired electrical engineer and former Program Manager at Wang Laboratories...whether or not I had a job opening, if someone like Stephanie came looking for a job, I would find a way to hire her.

I have been working with Stephanie since 2014 on local and statewide sustainable, clean energy policy and legislation, educating communities in Southern New Hampshire to advocate for themselves and plan for their future. This work is ongoing, and I am certain that the organization Stephanie founded to facilitate this work, ECHO Action, has had a meaningful impact in the Monadnock Region, at the State Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission.

Stephanie handles all the media, graphics, communications and social media for ECHO Action.  Her campaigns have led to dozens to hundreds of people showing up to demonstrate, write or call legislators or offer testimony on bills that impact our clean energy future.


Her background in environmental education makes her the ideal person to educate at workshops and to train and coordinate volunteers, as she makes information easy to quickly process, increasing their involvement. She is a great teacher with an enthusiastic presence and a joy to work with as part of a team...

To me, one of the most impressive aspects of Stephanie’s work with ECHO Action is that she has performed volunteer community work in a professional manner, treating her work as a full time job, putting in long hours. I often ask her where she gets her energy from! She has greatly expanded her knowledge and recently told me she feels like she’s earned a second master’s degree.


She keeps her teaching skills up-to-date as a guest lecturer for environmental, activism and journalism classes at Keene State College, as well as speaking at meetings and conferences locally and as a delegate in Washington D.C. at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hearings."

RW (Science Education)

"As the school system’s superintendent, I have found Ms. Scherr to be a conscientious and caring educator who is continuously pursuing means of educating herself by staying informed about current advances in the field of environmental science and the integration of other sciences and content areas.  She embodies the concept of “life long learner”...

Ms. Scherr is an excellent educator who strives to provide her students with opportunities to broaden their horizons.  Working with students from two small rural towns in Central Massachusetts, she understands the responsibility she has been given to bring to her students her knowledge and understanding of this planet’s challenges so that they, who represent the next generation of leadership, may appreciate the fragile nature of our environment. 


Ms. Scherr encourages her students to write articles for the local newspaper regarding environmental and other science issues and challenges.  She knows how to celebrate student work. It is clear to me that her students respect and appreciate her as an educator, mentor, and leader...


Ms. Scherr looks forward to the responsibility of sharing the immediate and long term impact of severe transformations affecting polar regions to her students, colleagues, and local/state groups."

KB (Science Education)

"Ms. Stephanie Scherr built the environmental program to its respected status over her seven years with us...


Ms. Scherr is an outstanding professional who worked hard to make the Science Department a model of excellence. She is well respected and maintained a professional relationship with teachers, students, parents and administrators. She was diligent in her preparation and innovative with her teaching techniques...

Ms. Scherr dedicated hours and hours of necessary research and writing [and] awarded grant funds allowing her to equip her room with new computers for student use [and} grand funds to help offset the cost of field trips....

Ms. Scherr was a true "team" member, always willing to take on responsibility beyond the expected."

SD (Science Education)

"After the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Stephanie went to Louisiana to study water quality and the impacts of the spill on Gulf waters at the Louisiana University Marine Consortium. She is also trained in cleaning oiled birds.


Her connections with teachers and environmental organizations there have enhanced her teaching about the human impacts on estuaries and climate change. Her students were the only out-of-state school to participate in Louisiana's Bayouside Classroom, sharing her students' water quality data with students in the south. She not only teaches her subject matter, but lives it as well."

SLD (Environmental/Political)

"Stephanie is energetic, enthusiastic and an excellent communicator. Through Stephanie’s leadership, citizen activists in four rural towns banded together and became more effective. She organized many public education sessions, invited political, engineering, conservation and other experts to speak. These meetings educated and mobilized individuals, giving us the tools needed to call, email and speak with our state representatives, speak at town meetings, testify at FERC hearings, have community vigils and rallies to protect a treasured town historic site, Pulpit Falls, and defend ourselves, our homes, farms, town and our vast pristine aquifer, from the threat of a natural “fracked” gas pipeline.

After the pipeline was withdrawn in May of 2016, we continued to work in our communities and on policy promoting renewable energy. It seems we may again be under threat of a pipeline. Our networks and community ties remain strong, and we will stand together again, for the future of our towns and state."

JC (Dance & Science Education)

"Stephanie is the epitome of a [science] teacher. With boundless energy and enthusiasm she guides and instructs students in subjects that she is passionate about. In the time that I have known her she has worked tirelessly to give students access to technology and opportunities that they normally might not have had. She has written grants to get up-to-date technology for her classroom. She has advocated for the involvement of students in their local community by encouraging them to submit articles to a local newspaper. She had more student articles published than any other high school in the area for three years in a row.

I cannot even begin to tell you how influential she has been to my daughter. She has exposed her to discipline, infused with joy and laughter. Through her [dance] instruction I’ve watch my daughter become more confident, disciplined, and mature.

As both a teacher and a parent, I can say that there are very few individuals who I can recommend as highly as I do Stephanie. She is dedicated, hard-working, and insightful. She will be a valuable asset for any school system."

KDB (Dance & Science Education)

“I was just telling someone about the show and you and it hit me that you have an extraordinary blend of left brain/right brain, which to me means ... for a "science person" you sure are artistic!  I LOVED the ocean theme - that was truly dance THEATER!  Extraordinary and very entertaining. 


I'm still laughing at the carrying of the little fishies across the stage.  Tooooo flippin' cute!  I loved it all and I want to THANK YOU on behalf of ALL the families of the girls (and boy) who have you for their teacher.  We are all extremely lucky to have you and I am grateful for all that you do - it was superb!”

MGR (Dance Education)

"My daughter has danced [at the Earth Dancer School] with the Amazing Miss Stephanie for many years - wonderful years that have helped my daughter gain grace, self confidence, respect and pride- as well as gaining life long friends in the process! A place where she has been nurtured & challenged and has blossomed from her experiences there.


[My daughter] has done things she never envisioned herself capable of doing under Miss Stephanies tutelage and the support and friendship of her fellow dancers. Earth Dancer School of Dance goes far beyond being just a "dance school" it's a life experience that helps children grow into being more than they ever thought they could be!"

DJ (Dance Education)

"Dear Miss Stephanie,


I just felt I had to let you know what a great positive influence you are for my daughter.  I really don’t think you realize what a difference you have made in her life and ours.”


[My daughter is diagnosed with some special needs.]  “She has always been very active, but her shyness prevented her from finding her own “niche” and doing something she liked.  After a brief time under your tutelage, she has really come out of her shell.  We have been amazed over the past year and a half at her development and confidence.


She has found something and someone she loves.  Thank you!  She sees you as a teacher and a friend.  She’s come a long way and it warms our hearts.  You have made a huge impact on my daughter’s life.”

CS (Dance Education)

“I have never been so proud of my I was Friday evening. She was a strong leader (smiling ear to ear), a fluid jellyfish (I too was in tears), fierce in battle (did you hear her growl?), graceful en pointe (I could see the woman she'll become), and simply liquid as an ocean wave (modern has always been my favorite to watch). The whole evening was enchanting and magical.  


Thank you for the grace, strength and fierce independence you have instilled in my daughter. I wish I could pack you in a suitcase and move you with my family.  Jaffrey has a GEM!”

MG (Dance Education & Business)

"Stephanie is a hard worker of the highest integrity. I have known her for more than five years in the business and teaching world, and she is creative, inspiring, committed and holds herself to the highest standards. She is well liked and respected in the community and teaches from the heart."

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