Bio Sketches

Passionate, Persistent and Principled.


Science teacher, writer, photographer, environmental and political activist, advocate, lobbyist, speaker, trainer, presenter, organizer, leader, naturalist, explorer, world traveler, renewable energy promoter, truth speaker, graphic designer, motivator, dancer, choreographer, scuba diver, beachcomber, birder, zipliner, camper, hiker, lover of life and force of nature.

Employment with a company, organization or educational institution that values creativity, individuality, collaboration, encourages professional growth and practices social responsibility is a priority.


Lover of diversity, culture, art, fashion and the buzz of the city, art museums, architecture, mirrored skyscrapers and the raw diversity, color and flair of humanity.


Comfortable walking the street, taking the subway, hailing a cab and folding a slice of real NY pizza.


A former Girl Scout and lover of camping and outdoor adventures. Scuba and wreck diving off the Jersey Shore. Canoeing and riding a dirt bike in the Pinelands.


Lake swimming, hiking in gorges or the mountains with the little dog, a camera and a book of poetry.


A voice in the community, news and public hearings for air, water, food, farms, wildlife, children and the future of a livable planet.


Writing, organizing, photography, social media, graphic design, marketing, education, organizing, advocacy and policy for healthy communities.


Dedicated to climate change, energy, health, air and water quality, food security, women's rights, democracy, social and racial justice solutions.


Questioned all leading 2016 candidates for President during the primaries and again during the 2018 midterms, raising awareness, keeping climate change and energy high priority issues.


A lifelong passion for dance began at age 4, in Brooklyn, with a former NYC Rockette dance teacher.


Performed with dance companies, studied dance at New York's Joffrey School of Ballet. Years as a dance teacher, studio owner, choreographer, performance and community event coordinator.

Field Study

The BP oil spill in 2010 provided the opportunity to see spill impacts first hand. Field study in the Gulf of Mexico, New England and California increased understanding of climate change, human impact on shorelines and oceans, giving credibility to work and building a network of teacher colleagues.


Degreed in Environmental Science, Biology, Communications and English, with a secondary science teacher certification.


Teaching polar climate change, environmental science, biology and journalism and bringing students to youth conferences, has been a labor of love.


Chosen from hundreds to be on a grade school newspaper, an early passion for writing was evident.

As a journalism advisor with a background in literature as well as science, environmental students received news publication awards.


A creative wordsmith, writing often focuses on the impact of human encroachment on nature.

Graphic Design

A meticulous, obsessive editor. Graphic design skills are essential in environmental and political advocacy. Combines ideas, images and text quickly making a difference between getting attention of the public or and influential people. Uses words and graphics to drive strong issue support and event attendance.


From documenting pipeline threatened sites to capturing the glory of nature or accomplishments of students joyfully dancing or in the making discoveries in the laboratory. Camera and video are essential tools to raise awareness about climate change, human impact, letting the scenery tell the story or engaging others in live events.


Camping, hiking, photography, parasailing, scuba diving, ziplining, suspension bridges, kayaking, watching shore birds and exploring tide pools are faves. Whether suitcase and a city hotel or backpack and tent in the woods, wanderlust, exploring culture and nature are always an adventure.

Lifelong Learner

Workshops, conferences, webinars, field courses, speakers and organizational gatherings maintain relevance, increase enthusiasm and empower.


Climate and pipeline education is critical to informed community advocacy, attending candidate forums and lobbying legislators.


A member of many organizations to learn, network, increased outreach and engage in community projects to promote renewables and efficiency.


A member of the Monadnock Energy Hub's Solarize Monadnock Steering Committee, offering simplified process and incentives to help residents go solar. © 2020
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