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Community, regional and national environmental advocacy, renewable energy and climate education. Make your voice echo! ECHOaction.org

ECHO Action

Founder, Community Organizer, Environmental Education, Outreach, Communications, Social Media, Events and Grant Writing. ECHO: Environment & Energy, Climate, Health & Habitat, Outreach

Social Media

- Facebook: NH wants to be #FossilFree603, ECHO Action: #FossilFree603

- Twitter: ECHOactionteam,  FossilFree603, StoppedNEDpipeline


- Formed during the Stop NED pipeline campaign to focus on what we do want, not just what we don't want, “no pipeline”

- #FossilFree603 campaign to promote renewable energy

- Stop Concord Steam biofuel plant fracked gas conversion

- Bird dogging presidential candidates

- Increase landowner pipeline survey property access denials

- Increase written comments to FERC and testimony at FERC hearings

- Campaign #BYOBagsNH, ban single-use plastic bags in NH

Testified at Hearings

FERC Hearings

- Rindge, NH

- Nashua, NH

- Lunenburg, MA


People's FERC Hearing

- National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Energy Related State Hearings

- Concord, NH

Community Presentations

- Fitzwilliam, Troy, Winchester, NH


- Bimonthly newsletter (500+ subscribers)

- Organizes/promotes/attends events, fairs and festivals, fundraisers (1-2/month)

- Surveyed/interviewed every affected and abutting land owner

- Hands Across Loved Trails (HALT) Hikes. Walks and hikes to NED pipeline impacted sites to view and document affected areas of public interest.

- Form letters and informational brochures/flyers for land owners, community.

- Supported 11,000 signature “Stop NED pipeline” petition to Governor Hassan.

Communications / Media

- Press contacts, press releases, letters to editor, coordination with TV media

- Graphics, logo design, brochures, social media, photography.

- Collaboration with organizations: Sierra Club, 350.org, 350 Action, NextGenNH, Toxics Action, BXE, Delaware Riverkeepers...


- Offers workshops

      • Climate, clean energy, climate policy.

      • Sign making (posters, banners, street & lawn signs, construct site signs)

      • Social media training

      • Using social media for change

      • Pipeline survey property access denial paperwork

      • Assistance with FERC comments

      • Help sessions

- NVDA group training. Formed “Roaring Brook” affinity group

- Student Mentoring with Keene State College students

Nature girl by design. Eco Warrior by calling.

As the daughter of a biology teacher, who learned to swim in the ocean at New York beaches, Greenpeace's "Save The Whales" hooked me at a young age.


When we moved to New Jersey, a house with woods behind it and the Girl Scouts quickly drew me into the outdoor experience and camping.


With a love of literature, I was an English major in college first, but a love of the ocean, scuba diving, and a passion for conservation told me Environmental Science was the direction to go in. My Master's at Antioch sealed the deal.


I write about and photograph my outdoor adventures and have choreographed ocean and nature dance recitals.

Franklin Pierce University

- President, Environmental Awareness Club

- Speaker for the New England Anti-Vivisection Society

Bernie Sanders Campaign

- Meeting and conversations with Sanders' NH campaign manager, Kurt Ehrenberg, regarding the NED pipeline, beginning July 2015.

- Supported Bernie Sanders #KeepItInTheGround campaign. Phone banked and canvassed. 

- Guest panelist for Sanders' "Plan for the Environment".

Political & Environmental Advocacy: Media

In the News  Videos

Environmental Advocacy

- Vigils/Visibilities (3-4 per month)

- Marches and rallies to raise awareness

- State-wide pipeline group rally at the NH State House.

- Break Free From Fossil Fuels, Albany, NY, 5/14/16

- “March For A Renewable Future”, Philadelphia, PA 7/24/16

- TD Bank Vigils

- Immigration Rally, Boston, MA 1/29

- March for Science, Concord, NH 4/22/17

- People's Climate March, Washington, D.C., 4/29/17

Political Advocacy

- Bird dogging Presidential candidates and NH state candidates.

- CNN panelist during the Presidential election.

- C-Span taped question to Hillary Clinton during her visit to Keene State College, repeated picked up in news articles and on TV.

- Formed ECHO Action to expand the "No Pipeline" message to promote renewable energy in NH, November 2014

- Pipeline group rally at the NH State House, 12/13/15

- Break Free From Fossil Fuels, Albany, NY, 5/14/16

- Clean Energy Summit, Philadelphia, PA, 7/23/16

- “March For A Clean Energy Revolution”, Philadelphia, PA, 7/24/16

- "March for Democracy" during the Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, PA, 7/25/16

Albany NY
Milford Pumpkin Festival
Stop The Oil Bomb Trains
Climate Rally
Question for Bernie Sanders
Stop The NED pipeline
Stop The NED pipeline
Testifying to FERC
Steph at RAD w/Bernie
Green Girl
Stop The NED pipeline
350NH Wind Rally
Keene Climate March
Stop Funding Fossils
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