Political Advocacy


• Meeting and conversations with Sanders' NH campaign manager, Kurt Ehrenberg, regarding the NED pipeline, beginning July 2015.

• Bernie Sanders fulfilled our request to oppose the NED pipeline and did so in December 2015 at a J&J political dinner in New Hampshire.

• #KeepItInTheGround campaign. Phone banked and canvassed.

• Guest panelist for Bernie Sanders, "Plan for the Environment".



Advocates and lobbies for:

• Stronger, more expansive Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

• Reduced methane emissions

• Immediate transition to 100% renewable energy

• Immediate transition to 100% renewable energy

• Incentives & support for energy efficiency & renewable energy projects

• The study and implementation of a floating offshore wind farm in the Gulf of Maine


• Posed climate, energy and education questions of all major 2016 Presidential candidates in New Hampshire

• Bird-dogging: questioning candidates in state, gubernatorial and presidential races.

• CNN panelist during the Presidential election.

C-Span: Question to Hillary Clinton during her visit to Keene State College, repeatedly picked up in news articles and on TV.

• First #NoFossilFuelFunding commitment campaign in New Hampshire via ECHO Action.

National Politics

With CNN's Alisyn Camerota as a 'New Day' guest panelist, filmed at St. Anselm Institute of Politics, 2016 campaign.

Asking Senator Sanders about climate change and energy.

With Governor Jeb Bush at the Keene NH Historical Society.

With Governor John Kasich at Franklin Pierce University.

With Senator Bernie Sanders at Franklin Pierce University.

With Carly Fiorina at Keene State College.

Marching with Senator Sanders in the Milford NH Labor Day Parade.

Bernie Sanders (D)

Peterborough Community Center, Peterborough, NH

Senator Sanders responds to questions about climate, solar, wind and opposing the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline.


--> 37:28 - 40:00, 1/21/16

Secretary Hillary Clinton (D)

Keene State College, Keene, NH

Secretary Clinton responds to questions about Fracking, Pipelines & FERC. She incorrectly responds to how the FERC is funded.

--> 15:20 (Fracking) 18:18 (FERC - SS) Transcripts of these questions are below. 10/16/15

Senator Bernie Sanders (D)

Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH

I call out to Bernie Sanders, "Keep It In The Ground!" and he responds!


* Recorded by Greenpeace USA. 2/6/16

Governor Jeb Bush (R)

Keene Historical Society, Keene, NH

Asking Governor Bush about the 2 million dollar donation he received from Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan, Inc., the company pushing the NED pipeline through Southern New Hampshire.

Governor John Kasich (R)

Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH

Asking Govenor Kasich about his position on fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Carly Fiorina (R)

Keene State College, Keene, NH

Asking Ms. Fiorina about her position on fossil fuels and renewable energy. She generously answered several follow-up questions on these topics.

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Donald J. Trump (R)

Keene High School

Attended Trump events. He did not take questions at any of them.

New Hampshire State Politics

Political Season 2018


• Attended seven gubernatorial forums during the summer, with a front row seat and question asked at each in reference to the proposed Liberty Utilities Granite Bridge Pipeline and LNG tank. Met with statewide candidates for office and current State Senators regarding the project.


• Interviewed gubernatorial and congressional candidates on their energy policy.


• Attended the AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast, to network with New Hampshire's candidates for office.


• Initiated the first New Hampshire statewide campaign, a candidates' commitment to "No Fossil Fuel Funding" and expanding the use of renewable energy.

• Continued advocacy in support of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

• Advocate for sealing leaking methane pipelines, expanding pipeline safety procedures and educating the public to increase their understanding and comfort in speaking with utilities and pipeline representatives.

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