Founder, Community Organizer, Environmental Education, Outreach, Communications, Social Media, Events and Grant Writing. ECHO: Environment & Energy, Climate, Health & Habitat, Outreach


- Facebook: NH wants to be #FossilFree603, ECHO Action: #FossilFree603

- Twitter: ECHOactionteam,  FossilFree603, StoppedNEDpipeline


- 2014/15 - Formed during the Stop NED pipeline campaign to focus on what we do want, not just what we don't want, “no pipeline”

- 2016/17 #FossilFree603 campaign to promote renewable energy, "Sunshine, not pipelines"

- 2017 - Stop Concord Steam biofuel plant fracked gas conversion

- Stop the Keene Gas Plant and promote heat pumps and solar to stay in line with Keene's Climate Action Plan, #CleanGreenKeene.

- Bird dogging presidential candidates

- Increase landowner pipeline survey property access denials

- Increase written comments to FERC and testimony at FERC hearings

- Campaign #BYOBagsNH, ban single-use plastic bags in NH


FERC Hearings

- Rindge, NH

- Nashua, NH

- Lunenburg, MA


People's FERC Hearing

- National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Energy Related State Hearings

- Concord, NH

Community Presentations

- Fitzwilliam, Troy, Winchester, NH


- Bimonthly newsletter

- Organizes/promotes/attends events, fairs and festivals, fundraisers (1-2/month)

- Surveyed/interviewed every affected and abutting land owner

- Hands Across Loved Trails (HALT) Hikes. Walks and hikes to NED pipeline impacted sites to view and document affected areas of public interest.

- Form letters and informational brochures/flyers for land owners, community.

- Supported 11,000 signature “Stop NED pipeline” petition to Governor Hassan.


- Press contacts, press releases, letters to editor, coordination with TV media

- Graphics, logo design, brochures, social media, photography.

- Collaboration with organizations: Sierra Club,, 350 Action, NextGenNH, Toxics Action, BXE, Delaware Riverkeepers...


- Offers workshops

      • Climate, clean energy, climate policy.

      • Sign making (posters, banners, street & lawn signs, construct site signs)

      • Social media training

      • Using social media for change

      • Pipeline survey property access denial paperwork

      • Assistance with FERC comments

      • Help sessions

- NVDA group training. Formed “Roaring Brook” affinity group

- Student Mentoring with Keene State College students


- President, Environmental Awareness Club

- Speaker for the New England Anti-Vivisection Society


- Meeting and conversations with Sanders' NH campaign manager, Kurt Ehrenberg, regarding the NED pipeline, beginning July 2015.

- Supported Bernie Sanders #KeepItInTheGround campaign. Phone banked and canvassed. 

- Guest panelist for Sanders' "Plan for the Environment".

Political & Environmental Advocacy: Media

In the News  Videos


- Vigils/Visibilities (3-4 per month)

- Marches and rallies to raise awareness

- State-wide pipeline group rally at the NH State House.

- Break Free From Fossil Fuels, Albany, NY, 5/14/16

- “March For A Renewable Future”, Philadelphia, PA 7/24/16

- TD Bank Vigils

- Immigration Rally, Boston, MA 1/29

- March for Science, Concord, NH 4/22/17

- People's Climate March, Washington, D.C., 4/29/17

Original Environmental Art: Climate Awareness Light Installation © 2020
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