Wear Pink, Live Green

I do most things with all that I am. I seek opportunities to use my life for good. I'm committed to environmental and social justice and a clean energy future. There's not much I don't have an opinion on or a question about, but the mind is always open, reassessing.

I was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey so I love people, culture, fashion and the city buzz. A Jersey girl at heart, I love the seashore, but I live in an 1850 farm house in New Hampshire where the coast is rocky, the forests are deep and the waterfalls are musical.

I can instantly sense a kindred spirit. I'm chatty, friendly and make friends fast. Tech, networking and social media are addictive, but I know when to pack snacks, the little dog and camera into the back seat and head out on a road trip or hike to breathe in the good stuff and exhale the rest

Travel, exploration and the occasional adrenaline-rushed activity make life a blast. I can pack my suitcase for a tour of Europe or a cruise, or grab a backpack and tent to go off into the woods. Camping, hiking, photography, parasailing, scuba diving and ziplining are favorites! I want to go spelunking, and try skydiving. Most of my dream destinations right now begin with the letter A - Alaska, Africa and please, Antarctica!

I'm a certified science educator, community organizer and environmental advocate, writer, obsessive editor and photographer. I'm naturally marketing-minded, writing from concise to clever and compelling. Clean energy solutions are where it's at. Field studies feed the left and right brain with scientific and artistic inspiration.

My diverse experience stems from a dedication to environment, effective communication strategies, education and empowering others in support of more just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable communities. 

I'm seeking full time employment with a company, organization or educational institution that values creativity, individuality, collaboration and practices social responsibility where I will be able to grow professionally and influence positive social change.

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