• Community organizer, PR, media, press liaison, photography, newsletters.

• Social media storms on political and environmental issues.

• Frequent and engaging page and group posts and tweets, graphics, flyers and marketing events.


Activist Echoes

Named as one of BlogFeed's top activist blogs 2017 & 2018


Releases for ECHO Action


Jump on solar project while we can (Keene Sentinel) 7/27/19

NH is ready to be fossil-free (Monadnock Ledger-Transcript) 7/23/19

[Renny] Cushing is one of NH’s most effective leaders (Seacoastonline) 10/23/18

Martin will be a strong voice for NH (Keene Sentinel, Monadnock Ledger) 10/24/18

Laura Lynch for State Rep in Temple, New Ipswich, Sharon (Monadnock Ledger) 10/16/18

Silverman good choice for State Rep, (Keene Sentinel) 10/14/18

Chris Balch, leadership for Wilton, Hillsborough District 38 (Monadnock Ledger) 10/11/18

List of the harmed documents the suffering of 22.322 fracking victims 7/11/18

Speak up about Granite Bridge Pipeline (Concord Monitor, Seacoastonline) 5/22/18

Kinder Morgan Wants To Build A New Gas Plant Near Keene (NH Labor News) 6/13/17

Clean Power Plan a smart choice, (Keene Sentinel) 3/30/16

Safeguards denied for New Hampshire, 3/22/16 (Ledger Transcript)

Governor Didn't Have Her Own State's Back, 12/19/15 (Keene Sentinel)

Climate Action In Paris Denied in NH, 12/18/15 (NH Labor News)


Journalism Club Advisor

Gardner News, MA - Student Journalism

Award: Most student articles published: Highest number of published articles of all regional schools three years in a row. 2007, 2008, 2009.

Earth Bound Newsletter Advisor

         Developed​ a student run environmental newsletter


Massachusetts Tech Prep Course Alignment

• Environmental Science and Environmental Issues courses: curriculum was written, aligned and approved for students to receive credit at MA community colleges.

• Curriculum for science and dance classes.



Massachusetts Tech Prep Grant

• Tech Prep Grant received and used to purchase technology equipment: Four 24” Mac computers, color laser printer, scanners, printers, and other equipment for environmental journalism publications.

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

• Grant received in support of a campaign to increase education about the impacts of gas expansion and the benefits of increased climate action in Keene NH.


Monadnock Profile: Stephanie Scherr 4/18/15 (Keene Sentinel)


Flowers For Peace (At 2:44, 2:57, 3:19) 9/5/16 at Rights & Democracy NH (Rod Webber)


Environmental Leaders in New Hampshire Endorse Sanders for President (NH Labor News 1/9/20)

67 arrested at Bow power plant protest; largest NH green action sinze 1970s (Union Leader) 9/28/19

Presidential candidate Inslee weighs in on NH dispute, opposes Granite Bridge project (WMUR TV) 7/26/19

Jay Inslee announces opposition to the Granite Bridge Pipeline (Inslee Campaign Press Release) 7/26/19

Proposed Fitzwilliam solar array project unveiled to public (Keene Sentinel) 7/19/19

Climate progressives push Biden from the center (NH Journal) 6/5/19

Hickenlooper makes case for presidential nomination at Keene State (Keene Sentinel) 5/6/19

Amy Klobuchar takes questions at CNN town hall (CNN Politics) 2/18/19

NH environmentalists target Molly Kelly on pipelines, fracking and funding (NH Journal) 7/26/18

Two years after pipeline shelved, opposition groups continue fighting fossil fuel development (Keene Sentinel) 4/16/18

Group comes out against Granite Bridge natural gas pipeline (SeacoastOnline) 3/15/18

Pipeline information session in Epping engages citizens, raises questions about Liberty Utilities' Granite Bridge (ECHO Action) 3/12/18

“Light Up The Night” Climate Action Rally To Be Held In Keene (NH Labor News) 10/17/17

Panel discussion on renewable energy slated for Wednesday (Keene Sentinel) 10/9/1017

Council committee recommends Keene back climate compact (Keene Sentinel) 2/22/17

Keene City Council backs natural gas proposal, delays climate change vote (Keene Sentinel) 6/16/17

Activists question if Keene's part of effort to create demand for natural gas infrastructure (Keene Sentinel) 6/14/17

Former pipeline opponents in Philadelphia fighting for clean energy, Sanders (Keene Sentinel) 7/27/16

Kasich courts young voters at FPU event (Monadnock Ledger Transcript) 3/22/16

How New Hampshire's Democratic establishment chose Clinton over its constituents (National Review) 2/8/16

"Rock and Roll Star" Sanders speaks to Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH (NECN) 2/6/16

Kasich stumps at Franklin Pierce University (NH Union Leader) 1/26/16

Sanders, Clinton seek support from women in NH primary (Boston Globe) 1/25/16

Question from a supporter (Keene Sentinel) 1/22/16

Sanders strikes a chord talking campaign finance reform, pipelines (NH Union Leader) 1/21/16

Hollywood actress and activist joins fights against pipeline (Keene Sentinel) 11/24/15

Pipeline protest (Keene Sentinel) 11/21/15

Opposition voiced at pipeline hearing in Rindge (Keene Sentinel) 9/30/15

Outside the Democrats' Convention, clamoring to be heard (NH Union Leader) 9/19/15

Pipeline opposition march scheduled for Saturday in Keene (Keene Sentinel) 8/27/15

Questioning the candidate (Keene Sentinel) 8/21/15

Bush takes jabs at Trump, attempts to win over non-Republican voters (Keene Sentinel) 8/21/15

"Anchor baby" term sparks exchange between Bush, reporters in Keene (NH Union Leader) 8/20/15

Alternative energy role play with HS students (Keene Sentinel) 4/18/15

Fitzwilliam NH passed a warrant article against the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline (NH PLAN) 3/16/15

For help responding to pipeline plan, local residents look south (Keene Sentinel) 12/16/14


NH News Roundup 2/22/19 (39:10)



Returning guest on Monadnock Radio's "The Peak 101.9" with John Oliphant.


NH1 News Investigates the Incineration Zone: Meeting gets heated in Nashua over Kinder Morgan pipeline (NH1 News) 7/29/15

Clinton speaks on gun control, student debt at Keene event (Pipeline 1:05) (WMUR News) 10/16/15

What NH Democrats Want To Hear At The Debate, Transcript from CNN's "New Day" Part 1Part 2 (CNN) 10/12/15


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