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May 24, 2017

"The Keene Planning Board voted unanimously Monday to approve a site plan for a temporary natural gas facility that would be installed by the end of 2017.

The plan passed, over the objections of several area residents concerned about natural gas and attracting other nat...

"Tonight, Keene’s Planning Board will hear Liberty Utility’s plan to construct a temporary CNG/LNG decompression plant on Production Avenue.

I understand that the propane/air system is decades old and should be updated. If you’re a Liberty customer, having the utility i...


NED Pipeline Opponents Speak Out: One Year Later

It's like running into a burning building when you're not quite sure if someone is inside. Well, at least metaphorically. You don't think about the consequences to your life, you just...respond.

To hear your...

May 15, 2017

ECHO Action's NED pipeline survey and No Pipelines, No Northern Pass petition were not even cold when this hit the news today. Liberty Utilities is determined. So are we. Here we go again...


Join our Pipeline Prevention Team!

"The plan is t...

May 15, 2017


We're interested in how the proposed NED pipeline impacted you and what your concerns are for the future. This brief survey consists of multiple choice and check box questions and two optional short answer questions. We hope you'll take a f...

May 14, 2017

No Pipelines, No Northern Pass. For jobs and our economy, renewable energy now!

New Hampshire's leadership on clean energy will increase jobs, grow the economy, attract businesses and help retain youth. Efficiency and renewable energy will reduce costs without controver...

May 11, 2017

As an defender of democracy, I believe in free speech.

As an educator, I believe in public education.

As an activist, I believe in calling out those who do not work in our best interest.

I praise those who gave Betsy DeVos the cold shoulder at graduation. Students and fam...

May 6, 2017

Thank you to our friends at 350NH for the friendly greeting they gave Governor Chris Sununu and his chums at Eversource NH. We know what the fossil fuel pushers are doing and we know it's not for the benefit of Granite Staters. Join NH's Pipeline Prevention Team....

It's not them vs. us, or unity (demanding compliance), it's about what's best for all of us, that's why Bernie's message resonates.

A friend just shared this article and it's spot on. I talk about the attack on our #rights and #protections. Consider the impact of caref...

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