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Environmentalists fight FERC

Environmental Movement targets FERC to stop new pipelines

"Structural Bias in its Funding MechanismIn a complaint filed March 4th, 2016 in the D.C. District Court, van Rossum and the DRN claimed FERC’s pipeline program is subject to structural bias due to its funding mechanism, citing the proposed PennEast pipeline as the basis of harm. The agency assesses and collects fees and annual charges for pipeline use, resulting in its being “100% funded by the industry it regulates,” according to the suit.

Such bias, DRN argues, would violate its constitutional right to Due Process guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment. This requires an adjudicative agency to be neutral in its decision making process by being free from actual bias as well as the appearance of bias. “Could an umpire call balls and strikes objectively if he were paid for the strikes he called,” reads the filing’s epigraph."

Secretary Clinton responds to questions about Fracking, Pipelines & FERC. She incorrectly responds to how the FERC is funded.

Hillary Clinton responding to who FERC is funded. She said FERC is not paid for by oil and gas. --> 15:20 (Fracking) 18:18 (FERC - SS) 10/16/15

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