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NED is dead!


One down, many more fossil fuel projects to go!

Finally, NED is dead. Could the NED pipeline or another fossil fuel project try to latch on to New Hampshire again? Maybe. Massachusetts is still fighting pipelines, as well as our friends in many other states. That's we need to keep working together.

We did a little happy dance, enjoyed a quick sigh of relief, and got back to work. Why? Another pipeline project could threaten our state. NH residents could be taxed on other out-of-state pipeline projects (see petition below). We must use our momentum and networks to continue moving forward.

To truly protect our state, we must accelerate the move to clean energy, encourage elected officials and those seeking office to work together in a positive and effective manner to help create jobs and make New Hampshire more appealing to businesses and young people.

1. Is your candidate of choice for or against the continued use of fossil fuels? We need to go to 100% renewables NOW, not some random time in the future. We have the ability. Others are doing it. We must push all candidates from all parties on this. No excuses!!! They support 100% renewables or they're off the table! More renewables means more jobs and will draw more businesses to NH!

2. Remove all solar caps permanently and fight pipeline tariffs. We can still be taxed on pipelines from other states!

3. There is much work to be done and we're still doing it! We need your support now more than ever!

#KeepItInTheGroud #BanFracking #ECHOaction ECHOaction.org

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