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Want clean energy? Start saying "thanks".


Say "thanks" and mean it.

It's tough, I know it is, but sometimes we have to admit that someone we may not be a big fan of has helped us. I'm not asking you to like them, or even to vote for them, but I am asking you to encourage them. Please.

Visualize this. There's a person, or say, a politician, that you disagree with on a wide variety of issues, but this person has done some things to further clean energy or climate initiatives. Maybe this person has even done more in terms of moving towards a carbon-free future than your candidate of choice. This person may support other issues you stand firmly against. We admit it, it's a dilemma. What I ask is that you praise that person publicly and thank them for their action on our behalf while continuing to urge all other candidates to make the transition to clean energy immediately.

Regardless of party affiliation or their position on other issues, we need everyone working together to build a healthy future. If we want others to have vision, we must be willing to keep our own minds open and be willing to work with each other. We're all in this together!

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