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I just saw a new Dunkin' summer iced coffee promo and it got me to thinking, "What changes our plastic addiction habits?"

Is a 10 cent discount enough to make you bring your own cup? How about a 50 cent discount? Some people are great about having their reusable mug everywhere, others, not so much. Do you bring your own travel mug when you're on the road or out and about? What helps you to remember it?

I hate drive-up plastics from cups to straws, styrofoam and even a big bag for a single item. It's crazy!

Have you been asked at the grocery store if you want your milk in a plastic bag? The bottle has a handle!

If meat is wrapped in plastic and in a plastic produce bag, why do the cashiers want to wrap it yet again in a plastic bag before putting it into BYO bags?

Double bagging - plastic bags were made thinner, more fragile to make "less waste", now cashiers regularly double bag. Do you stop them? Do you remember to BYO bags when doing regular shopping, not just at the grocery store?

About those straws - do we NEED them? Some of you may have come across paper straws in your lifetime. Since they're disposable, why haven't we gone back to them? At least they'll degrade.

So tell me, what plastics have you kicked? What made you do it?


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