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Raising awareness about FERC at NH Energy Summit, Concord

ECHO Action, a group of clean energy advocates, organized Monday's demonstration outside the NH Energy Summit. Demonstrators included about 25 activists from NH, MA & CT in opposition to a variety of projects. There was also a large contingent of activists and environmental organizations present inside the summit.

We strongly oppose the fast-tracking of Concord Steam to fracked gas in our State House and Concord School District and have been working to raise awareness of this effort against the well being of Granite Staters.

NH's State House and state buildings should be a flagship for energy efficiency and renewable power. The students of the Concord School District should not be put at risk of methane emissions (not seen or smelled - only detected by FLIR cameras) and other health hazards associated with all too frequent leaks.

We joined Protect The Granite State in opposing the not clean, not green Northern Pass project which is unneeded or unwanted, damaging to our scenic state, floods carbon-trapping forest ecosystems causing climate impacts, without removal of any fossil fuel plants, causing extreme impacts in Canada as well.

We support the Innu Pessamit people of Quebec who spoke at various venues in NH last week, asking for support to stop HydroQuebec's practices and the near-extinction of the salmon there, against AIM and Spectra pipelines. We will be following up with them and supporting Sierra Club in that effort.

We stand in support of NH offshore wind that could provide the state with up to 50% of our energy needs, and submitted a 2,000 signature petition with 350NH more than a month ago asking Govenor Hassan to request a federal task force to study wind in the Gulf of Maine.

Environmental organizations work closely in support of unifying causes, particularly in support of climate action. There was a large representation of organizations present at an RGGI informational meeting where many testified to the need for expanded climate action and public outreach. We know each other and support the same efforts on a wide variety of fronts. Our efforts are consistent, prominent at such events, well supported and making progress on climate and clean energy.

The residents of New Hampshire have made their opposition to unnecessary energy projects known throughout the state and we will continue to be vocal, letting our representatives know that we want to make progress, not problems.

With the recent rise to 400 PPM of atmospheric carbon dioxide, that we'll never return from, our voices are needed to add reason to those who continue to promote and defend the filthy, outdated fossil fuel industry that puts our nation and planet at risk.

https://www.facebook.com/ECHOaction ECHOaction.org

We joined environmental organizations & activists to listen in on the conference after a few hours outside.

GAS PANEL at NH Energy Summit

Peter Brown, Joe Dalton & Dick Arnold. Peter Brown said, "we have a democracy, unfortunately."

"Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it." They don't seem to get the irony of that quote.


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