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Any chance for peace while humanity reigns?

As our nation's race, social and environmental justice issues bubble up and spill over, the troubling trend is becoming more apparent. Rights, voices, and ability to disagree, object and peacefully protest are suppressed. In some cases they are tightly constrained.

At many political events there's now a "free speech zone". Press and public are being arrested for recording and reporting law enforcement actions.

The disparity between global majority and white rights and privileges is increasingly apparent. Those unwilling to succumb to the lulling of society into a dazed, distracted haze are seeking each other out and uniting.

Militarized law enforcement is becoming the norm and who is objecting? Peaceful objectors are being treated as dissidents. Their silence may demanded, but they will not submit.

This authoritarian state requires extreme actions and enforcement because the minorities they want to force into submission are the majority. Their actions inflame and exacerbate the divide between corporate politics and the people.

"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." - Winston Churchill

A nation that prides itself on being the peace keepers and leaders of the free world, stands today as the bully of their own people and much of the planet.

As we watch other nations take the extreme action required to survive climate change, America continues to epitomize corporate rule influencing banking and politics to the detriment of the people. Can our nation and planet withstand humanity's inharmonious battle cries of self- destruction?


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