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The UN and Amnesty International USA are at Standing Rock

Between this election, the fraud exposed, voter suppression, the BLM movement & unjust police shootings, DAPL, press arrested for journalism, jammed internet signal so those in CD actions cannot live feed what's happening and the militarized police forces in riot gear using LRAD, heat guns, rubber bullets and brandishing assault weapons in the face of peaceful, unarmed people.

People were arrested and allegedly placed in dog cages and had numbers written on their arms. Many have complained of strip search assaults. We really are in a warped and twisted country creeping ever closer to civil war.

Although it seems to have come on suddenly, it really has not, it's just that the intensity has increased. The public does not see what is happening. It's far more evident from the outside in.

Right now, our country looks more like civil unrest in Ireland than America. Now we are exposing human rights violations to the world. America, you're not quite the super power peacekeepers you thought you were. Welcome to the new "normal".

Breaking: The UN is headed to Standing Rock

Amnesty International USA to monitor North Dakota Pipeline Protests


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