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Yes, you should vote. If not for yourself, do it for others.

Despite my grand frustration, I know that voting is important, especially as so much corruption is being exposed. It's important that we all become more actively involved in local and state government.

Choose the candidate that most closely suits your views, knowing you won't get all you want, but maybe you'll get someone who is working for the people instead of against them.

Look at the rise in activism. Things will change. Definitely vote for down ballot candidates, but remember that not casting a vote is in essence casting a vote and likely against your needs.

Last, remember that your vote impacts others as well. So many are hungry, homeless and fighting against injustice. They need your help too. Across our nation and globe, people are fighting against the water & air pollution, devastating health and environmental impacts. eminent domain land takings, and for social, racial and environmental justice. These people also need your support. J

Your vote, or decision not to, may not impact you now, but it may in the days ahead. In fact, not supporting others can also impact you down the line. Voting is still a hard fought for privilege. If not for yourself, do it for others. Vote. <3


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