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Clinton's sexist campaign was an epic fail.


This reduces Clinton's loss to an excuse, placing blame on society. Madeleine Albright told women, "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other". She essentially said women must support women regardless of morals, ethics, values, and independent thought - make a decision based on the qualifications of the candidate. Since when is a resume the only basis for being qualified for a job?

This perspective is so yesterday, ripped from baby boomer generation script. They cannot comprehend millennials and GenX'rs making decisions without need for this overt message as a driving force.

Sure she's been the victim of sexism. Was that the reason she wasn't elected? Let's consider why more women voted for Trump than Clinton. From elementary school to college and working adults, there's been a strong movement away from the frackus quo and towards a more global society.

Clinton is on video over the years, and spoke during the debates, about action against other nations. She talked about solar, but continues to take funding from and support the fossil fuel industry. She insulted Bernie supporters, supported Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and watched the DNC manipulate the system like we've never seen before.

She uses dismissive, racist language. #SuperPredators #ComeToHeel #EffingJewBastard #GandhiGasStation #AllLivesMatter #YouRunForOffice #GetOffTheReservation #BirtherMovement #IllegalAliens #HotSauce

Many young women see that this is not a role model. Women don't want to see desperate measures to get what you want. #Lying #Cheating #Corruption #Deception #DirtyDeals #Corporatism #Elistists and demonstrating that the law is for suckers, not for Clintons.

There are many reasons why Clinton didn't win. To blame it on sexism is doing a disservice to all those who were forced into a corner by the DNC, who felt assured that Bernie & Jill supporters would fall in line. Out of Trump terror, many did, but not all.

The feminist logic I'm using here is the same as #BlackLIvesMatter vs. #AllLivesMatter. Black lives matter until such time that all that matter include them. Women need to be feminists until such time that they are treated equally on all platforms. Using sexism to motivate voters failed, just as it fails to explain the loss in the election.

If Democrats continue to place blame and take none of the responsibility, they will become more and more irrelevant.



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