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Testifying against FERC at the People's FERC hearing


Speaker: Stephanie Scherr​ Organized by Delaware Riverkeeper Network​ & Maya K. van Rossum​ Held at the National Press Club, Washington D.C.​

Pipeline opponents and activists from all over the East Coast and Midwest attended the People's FERC Hearing that compiled testimony of FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) offenses, abuses, violations of rights, blunders and refusal to listen to residents and legislators. 64 people testified. The testimony will be collated and presented to Congress.

- TERMINOLOGY: The "incineration zone" is also called the "blast kill zone".

- TERRIFYING: Trump will have the opportunity to nominate 3 commissioners to FERC.

- PREPOSTEROUS: New Jersey's CO2 levels have increased 27%.

- HEARTBREAKING: Tears from the owner of a farm in Ohio that's been in the family for generations, to be transected by 2 different pipelines.

- STARTLING: A large photo of a grandchild with a nosebleed who lives near a toxic compressor station.

- HUMOROUS: A woman who had documented all of FERC's blunders and bloopers.

- SOLIDARITY: People who had only known each other on social media were able to meet in person and share common goals.

- HOPE: So many people stated that fossil fuels are not just a health and safety hazard, they're dangerous to our climate and we have to act now. Pipelines create climate activists.

- THANKS: An inspiring event of sharing and inspiration by many intelligent, informed, extraordinary people dedicated to the common goal of a world where energy isn't toxic, dangerous or unhealthy to humanity, wildlife or the planet.


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