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Women, take charge and give back to our planet!


It's time for WOMEN to get moving and kick ass.

Women need to stop fighting health care clinics and find other ways to address their concerns because women need to have access to medical care. They need to support sex education and birth control to protect against unplanned pregnancies, leading to far less conflict over what to do when they occur.

Women must use birth control, have children when and if they want them, and limit their family size because the Earth cannot support an endlessly exploding population and no creator wants them to be complicit in the destruction of the ineffable Earth we all share. They need to become a part of the solution, working together with those of other viewpoints to create a more accepting, welcoming, peaceful world not just for unborn babies, but for all life, working with nature's plan. Women must model that all life, including animals, have equal value, that animals have intelligence, feelings and families. They must remind others of the crashing decline of species and encourage the protection of habitat.

Women need to write letters & emails, pick up the phone and get their butts out on the front lines to protect the world their children are and will be living in. Women need to grown large gardens and teach their children where their food comes from and how to be self-sufficient. Women must know, teach and practice food choices that support a healthy planet, always taking impact into consideration. Women must insist that every adult and child has clothing, shelter, food and work because humanity has enough to go around. Women need to demand that every person in our country has health care, pay equity, equal opportunities to house and , rejecting GMOs and pesticides. Women must teach their children, families and communities that there is no safe place for fracking, chemical or industrial waste.

Women must learn and understand science, insist that decisions in their home, community and nation are made based on science fact. Women must teach their children science and insist that schools teach their children science that includes gardening and outdoor skills. Women must work towards an immediate transition to 100% renewable energy, grabbing climate change by the carbon molecule and get their children involved in activism so they learn how to speak out and peacefully achieve justice.

Women must schedule device-free time, outdoor play time, outdoor family time, family excursions and family dinners. Women need to have empathy for others and stop getting on the bandwagon with paranoid agendas that harm those desperately fleeing from areas of conflict. If American women were in need, we wouldn't hear desperate cries for help, they'd be screaming and demanding immediate assistance from other countries. Women need to stand up against the reckless and devastating never-ending war agenda and put the brakes on these conflicts.

Women have to stand against hate, hate speech and violence. Women must police their communities, know their neighbors and help others in need, finding new pathways that do not lead to incarceration. Women must guide us towards restitution instead of prosecution, to encourage a stronger, more just and safe society. Women must protect each other, empower each other and be strong in the face of rapists, domestic and child abusers. Women must support a sisterhood that raises other women up to be the a shining model as a mother of all life, not perfect, but acting from love and good intentions for all children, not only their own.

When women become activists and protect the world for their children and fight for renewable energy, clean air and water, a lot of the conflicts power-hungry, self-promoting, greedy politicians and corporations feed off will dry up and go away. Women must stop following the track of men to be successful and blaze out paths that build community and active citizenship.

Women must use their bodies, minds and hearts to push our world back on the right path immediately, for without Mother Earth, mothers would have no passage from which to bring life into being. She has the power to direct and protect, to shield and support, to give back life and light where it has been lost. Women must acknowledge their empathic skill and wisdom, not suppress it, because it is knowledge to be included in decision making that considers the many impacts of our choices.Women, all this is within your means and can only be done with your good will and intention, fierce determination and will. Surge ahead with all that you are, we need your strength and wisdom now.

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