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NH Offshore Wind: Clean Energy, Jobs, Boost to the Economy. Win-win-win!

WOOH! Who knew? Offshore wind turbines are enormous!

Did you know that ECHO Action has been working with 350NH and the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League since last year on a campaign to bring offshore wind to NH?

The Gulf of Maine has the most wind energy in the United States. 200,000 megawatts of power could be generated, more than New England's current energy needs. As many as 16,700 jobs would be created with $15 billion increase in coastal economies.

The planning and leasing already exists. What we need are state and federal task forces to study offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine to get us on our way! Please encourage Governor Sununu to take advantage of the great potential in offshore wind. Sign the petition to bring offshore wind to the Gulf of Maine!

Do you have a community or organization event coming up? You can help share the exciting news about offshore wind by downloading and sharing flyers and brochures!

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