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Saturday #DeFundDAPL vigils continue in Keene and Milford

Vigils encouraging TD Bank customers to divest from banks who fund fossil fuels and move their money to community-supporting credit unions continue. TD Bank is a large investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline and pipeline builder, Kinder Morgan.

The vigils are non-confrontational and have been very productive with pedestrian and road traffic (horn beeps) support. Customers are often surprised to learn TD Bank is a fossil fuel investor, but those holding vigil are also often surprised by the many people who say they've already divested.

The movement to divest bank and retirement accounts and credit cards is increasing. According to the website, DeFundDAPL.org, $73,098,945.39 in personal funds and $4,071,000,000 in city funds have been divested. These figures are based on those who report their divestments to the website.

A current petition from Stand.Earth asks for supporters to sign on in demanding that TD Bank immediately stop funding Kinder Morgan.

Corporations have been increasing their divestments as well.

SanFrancisco.CBSlocal.com reported, "OpenInvest’s chief strategy officer Joshua Levin told CBS San Francisco that his company — which launched just five months ago with funding from Y Combinator — has designed a feature that automatically pulls from your investment portfolio companies funding the pipeline, as well as the energy companies that stand to benefit from it. Your portfolio is then automatically rebalanced with new investments.Levin said OpenInvest built the algorithms and launched the feature just days after President Donald Trump issued an executive order directing the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)."

"More than 120 investors with over $650 billion in assets in banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline have called on the financial institutes to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s call to have the pipeline rerouted from Native American land.TrendsDakota Access PipelineCitigroup, Wells Fargo, SunTrust Bank and BNP Paribas are among the 17 banks targeted in a letter signed by pension funds, asset management companies, and organizations.The signatories have a total of $653 billion in assets under their control." according to RT's article, Multi-billion dollar investors urge bankers to divest from #DAPL.

For the most part, Standing Rock Camps have now closed. Only a few smaller camps on private land exist, but camps have sprung up in other parts of the nation fighting pipelines including PA, FL and in Canada. Resistance to the Sabal Trail Pipeline and the Atlantic Sunrise Pipelines increases.

Pipeline vigils in New Hampshire are held on Saturdays in Keene and Milford. For current schedules, visit ECHOaction.org's event page on Facebook.


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