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Red light, green light...1, 2, 3 Parking spaces available!


Imagine you get up early, grab coffee and get on the road to a meeting. You're going to the train station to use mass transit into the city, but you end up sitting in traffic and now you're going to be late for your meeting. You arrive at the parking garage to see that everyone else had an early start too. You grumble as you go up and down aisle after aisle, stress level rising. What was a relaxing start to the morning is quickly changing as you imagine walking into your meeting late and see all heads turning your way.

There has to be a better way, right? IF only. But wait, there is! Smart parking technology exists that can save gas and stress.

While in other countries, this technology has been used for years, it's pretty sparse in the United States. We consider ourselves an innovative, cutting-edge tech country and yet, we continue to linger behind in energy saving and clean energy technology.

With an administration that favors fossil fuels, rather than technological advances, it remains to be seen whether the United States can maintain it's #2 in the world status as other nations push forward with smart devices, extensive rail, solar roadways and offshore wind farms.



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