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President Trump's budget proposal threatens water conservation efforts in the lower Colorado Riv

I ask that you please SIGN THIS PETITION and tconsider personalizing it with your own comments asking for the protection of water in New Hampshire or your own state.

Here is a suggestion to add on to the scripted letter:

"Further, I remind you that the process of fracking poisons water for those who live in the fracking fields. Closest to us are our neighbors in Pennsylvannia. When we promote, encourage and approve natural "fracked" gas pipelines, we not only become complicit in the tainting the water that sustains them, their food and wildlife, but we also allow massive fossil fuel corporations the opportunity to sustain a dying industry and to continue spraying the very produce we all eat with frack wastewater.

I ask that today, tomorrow and always you say no to fracking and pipelines. Governor Sununu supports pipelines in New Hampshire. We do not need, nor want, these dangerous, unhealthy, climate impact enhancing monstrosities to destroy our scenic state and pristine water."

"Over the past several years, federal agencies and state water leaders have made considerable progress toward water conservation and programs that reduce overuse of the river. This success is threatened by the Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget proposal, the implementation of which would cut funding to critical federal programs like the Bureau of Reclamations’ System Conservation Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program, and the Department of Interior’s WaterSMART program and Title XVI grants for municipal conservation and efficiency efforts. These cuts could potentially reverse progress made by states, cities and farmers to reduce water consumption in the Lower Colorado River Basin.Tell Congress to reject President Trump’s budget and fully fund water conservation efforts in the Lower Colorado River."

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