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Boo-Who? Oh, Billionaire Bully Betsy

As an defender of democracy, I believe in free speech.

As an educator, I believe in public education.

As an activist, I believe in calling out those who do not work in our best interest.

I praise those who gave Betsy DeVos the cold shoulder at graduation. Students and families objected to her being the commencement speaker. Thousands signed a petition demanding that to stop her from speaking. The chilly reception was inevitable.

Graduation is a time for celebration. To move forward with a speaker that graduates found offensive and there was a public outcry about, and then to threaten to mail diplomas home, was unacceptable. The cries for the president's resignation seem perfectly justifiable. It wasn't his day, it was theirs.

Betsy DeVos' huge disconnect from HBCUs gave the school and community the perfect platform to express their feelings. Well done. They just learned one more lesson, to NOT BE SILENCED.

Betsy DeVos booed at Berthue-Cookman University

"Students turned their backs in protest as Betsy DeVos delivers commencement address at historically black university."


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