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Orgs, Cities, Towns urge Keene NH to continue climate leadership, stop gas plant

Organizations, Cities, Towns, State Representatives & other leaders urge Keene NH to continue demonstrating leadership in climate action and renewable energy and not support a natural gas plant.

"The Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline was withdrawn on May 23, 2016 due to a lack of contracts. Liberty Utilities has been aggressively seeking contracts throughout New Hampshire, offering cities discounted gas until 2020, the time at which they're expecting to have the NED pipeline connected for export in Canada. There is currently a gas glut. Once export begins, the price of gas is likely to rise significantly.

The temporary gas plant was approved on June 15th. We're now working to stop the permanent one, which Liberty Utilities has already begun permitting.

Keene NH has worked with ICLEI and has a climate action plan, climate adaptation plan, a Cities for Climate Protection committee, state-of-the-art recycling center and a food co-op. A gas plant is out of sync with Keene community values.

Keene has shown great leadership throughout the Monadnock Region and the State of New Hampshire. A gas plant would make New Hampshire and neighboring Northfield MA and Vernon VT vulnerable to natural gas infrastructure.

We urge Mayor Kendall Lane, the Keene City Council, and the citizens of Keene, to revisit their decision to approve a gas plant and consider solar and heat pumps instead. Further, we suggest that Keene declare an intent to become a 100% renewable energy city, earning the prestige their efforts to date have entitled them to."

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