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Are coping skills key in stopping mass shootings?

How can we, as families, friends, educators, guidance counselors and after-school program leaders teach children and adults coping mechanisms, instill kindness and build support into our communities?

As in anything else, some schools are better than others in dealing with bullying, depression and social problems among students. Some schools may have a no-bullying policy with consequences, but others are building communities within the walls of their schools, a culture of acceptance, kindness and humanity.

If we build from the ground up, we will have healthier adults with the support systems they need in times of crisis.

Sandy Hook Mom: We Can Stop Mass Shootings and it has nothing to do with Gun Control

Following the murder of my 6-year-old son at Sandy Hook Elementary, I realized we can’t wait for someone else to solve the issues in our society, and they not only include anger and violence but they also include drug-addiction and suicide and bullying," Lewis said.

Lewis said SEL is based on a five-step process. The focus is to teach kids and adults how to have positive and healthy relationships, deep connections, coping skills, resilience and compassion.

"All these things have to be taught. If you aren’t taught these things, you don’t necessarily have these skills," she said. She said these skills that can prevent violence, drug abuse and suicides.

“When you think about Las Vegas," Lewis said. "If the shooter had one of those five skills, that tragedy wouldn’t have happened."

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