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At "Bernie Camp" Nina Turner motivates Sanders supporters

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Keene NH — I should not have been surprised to walk into a room that only held a few rows of chairs. I realized I had been personally invited to the "Bernie Camp" training, but wasn't expecting to sit next to Nina Turner as she spoke.

The Senator from Ohio spoke in an exceedingly warm, unconditioned room during the high 90's day in Southern New Hampshire. At one point, I wasn't sure if I was melting more from the weather or from "feeling the Bern".

Her impassioned story called us to action on every injustice against humanity, with integrity, from the heart.

Health care as a human right, acceptance, environment, limiting the control of corporations and lifting up the 1% were mentioned, but her personal story took center stage.

Her mother died at 42, when she was only 22, a mother herself and the eldest of 7 children, 2 years apart in age. Her mother, a preacher and her grandmother, of "the three bones" fame, were her greatest inspiration. The ambitious Ohio State Senator has risen as a superstar on the national stage for the Political Revolution.

Relaying personal connections on Sanders issues when speaking with voters was the focus of the 2 1/2 hour training. The group was asked to follow-up in using the BERN app, phone and text banking, canvassing and house parties to bring voters together.

The powerhouse of a speaker unites followers of the #NotMeUs movement for a humanity that desperately needs a 180. No doubt she is an inspiration to women and people of color, but for those who find hope in Bernie Sanders, she keeps his supporters Bernin' and fighting for a more united world where we serve others over self.

"As a little girl, I would always ask my grandmother what it would take to be successful in life. She said all you need are the three bones: the wishbone, the jawbone, and the backbone. The wishbone would keep you hoping and praying because hope is the motivator, but the dream is the driver. The jawbone will give you courage to speak truth to power, lift your voice — it should matter that you’re in the room, that you’re in that space with that voice. The backbone will give you courage to stand through all of your trials and tribulations."

- Senator Nina Turner


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