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Attacks on Women's Rights through Roe v. Wade

What's really going on with this sudden burst of anti-abortion bills with various approaches?

Women's rights are being attacked by white conservative men. Different bills are being thrown out there to see what sticks, to challenge women's reproductive rights. These white men just banned abortion in Alabama and then fist-bump celebrated.

1. The so-called "fetal heartbeat" being referred to at 6 weeks is not an actual heartbeat because the fetus does not have a heart or circulatory system yet. It is an electrical impulse that is detected. Women often do not know they are pregnant yet at this point. This is science.

2. Conservatives fight against Sex Education and birth control, hence higher rates of unwanted and teenage pregnancies. If they actually wanted to prevent unwanted pregnancies, they would support mandatory Sex Ed, free morning after pills and free birth control. Instead, they push "abstinence", which refuses to educate youth and the adults who need that information. Some conservative legislators are now calling birth control "abortion.

3. Many of the legislators who are against pro-choice do not have working knowledge of the female anatomy and physiology. They have openly made statements that they think a woman cannot become pregnant from a rape because she can "shut herself down there". Some think that if a woman is "legitimately raped", she can't get pregnant. They are currently writing legislation to say that women who have an ectopic pregnancy must have the embryo removed and reimplanted in the uterus. This not even medically possible.

4. Challenging Roe V. Wade is less about abortion and more about control over women and suppressing their personal freedom. A woman seeking an abortion could get more prison time than the man who raped her. They attack the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ, the poor, sick, homeless, immigrants and those of different religious beliefs.

5. If these legislators and their supporters had a "respect for life", they would not be systematically separating children from their parents, locking them up and keeping them from medical care, they wouldn't be removing supports for poor, sick, homeless and hungry. These legislators would not be proposing war against a country that is not a threat. We would not bomb places that we know contain innocent civilians and children.

It takes diplomacy, skill, intelligence, experience and a staff of well-qualified people with those skills to promote peace. Promoting peace is the absolute most important way we can honor our military. These things are not acts of support and respect for life. These are actions of greed, power and corporate sellouts. THIS IS FASCISM.

#WomensRights #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #RoeVWade


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