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Bow coal plant protest: "people before politics, planet before profits"

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

"I’m here because I’m deeply concerned that our state legislators are still unwilling to say no to fossil fuel expansion,” she said. “It’s time for them to wake up. They have children too. We need to put people before politics, and planet before profits,” Scherr said."

Honored to have been quoted in the NH Union Leader along with 4 of my Kinder Morgan NED pipeline opponents from the Roaring Brook affinity group. When Kinder Morgan re-routed the Northeast Energy Direct fracked gas pipeline through southern New Hampshire in 2014, they thought it would be easier to push through our communities than through Massachusetts. Five years later and we're fighting harder than ever for a #FossilFree603.

Activists surrounded the room in unity at the Concord UU Church before heading to the Bow coal plant

"Sue Durling of Hillsborough was thinking about her 11 grandchildren as she got ready for the demonstration. “Tears come to my eyes when I realize what life is going to be like for them when they’re my age,” she said. “We screwed it up. We have to do what we can to fix it.”

"Mary Beth Raven of Merrimack, said she has asthma. “And there’s no reason why the fossil fuel industry needs to keep polluting the air and making it harder for me to breathe when there are other alternatives,” she said."

"Karen Sargent of Westminster, Mass., said it doesn’t matter that the Bow plant is only used seasonally. “They could still use other things, and we ought to be transitioning to other peak fuel systems rather than relying on coal or gas,” she said."

"Pat Martin, a retired electrical engineer from Rindge, chairs her town’s energy commission. She said a coal-fired plant is not the best resource to use for peak power generation. “It takes a while to ramp it up,” she said. “And yet that’s how it’s used.”

NH Union Leader, 9/28/19

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