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Chris Balch, leadership for Wilton, Hillsborough District 38

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Dear Editor,

Chris Balch, a resident of Wilton is an excellent candidate for NH State Representative, Hillsborough District 38. He’s been endorsed by the NH Sierra Club and Mom’s Demand Action and recommended by the NEA.

During the campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline that went international, Chris Balch went to Standing Rock. Why? Because he was called to stand with our brothers and sisters in need. He knew first hand from the NED pipeline, how a pipeline can turn lives upside down, and the Dakota Access Pipeline was a far greater threat.

Here in NH, he opposes the Granite Bridge Pipeline, Epping LNG tank and a pipeline under the Ashuelot River in Keene. He’s still fighting.

Chris is a teacher, a mentor and a leader. He is a man of integrity, ethics and principles. He listens, collaborates and is respectful and he won’t sell out.

When Chris says he’s going to do something, whatever it is, he follows through. When he is your State Representative, he will be there, in Concord. He will listen to his constituents and advocate for the community. He will put you and your children first when he makes decisions about health care, education, clean air and water, renewable energy and common sense gun laws.

Chris has hiked with a team to Everest Base Camp twice and to the Rocky Mountains, to raise funds for Hope For Gus. He is a leader and he can be your State Representative, but you have to vote.

We are all hungry for some peace, kindness and support in our lives. We want our needs to be met and for corporations to not rob us of our hard-earned money. Chris wants that too. Please vote for him on November 6th. Your vote does count.

Stephanie Scherr Fitzwilliam

Monadnock Ledger

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