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Cushing is one of NH's most effective leaders

Representative Renny Cushing with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

To the Editor:

At a time when our nation seeks leaders with integrity, principles and strength of character, Rockingham District 21 already has one in Renny Cushing.

When our legislators were given the opportunity to stop the forced closure of Concord Steam biofuel plant that would have saved forestry jobs and millions of taxpayer dollars, Renny was one of only 15 who opposed it.

Our legislators chose converting our Statehouse, state buildings, Concord businesses and school district to natural (fracked) gas with no consideration of alternatives. When a company offered to completely modernize the plant at no cost to the state, they pushed forward with gas regardless. Renny Cushing put your finances, jobs and future ahead of the fossil fuel industry.

When ECHO Action gave the first presentation about Concord Steam in Epping, Renny was there. I frequently see him at events where health, safety, air and water quality are being considered. He listens, learns and is generous with his time.

Renny Cushing knows that climate change is already seriously impacting our state and understands the need for energy efficiency and renewables, taking meaningful action on climate change, when others sputter out the fossil fuel industry’s talking points, trying to justify unjust decisions.

Renny Cushing supports raising the solar cap, that would allow residents, municipalities and businesses to put more renewable energy back into the grid and save ratepayers money. He is dedicated to repealing the death penalty in New Hampshire. He supported overriding Governor Sununu’s veto of both these bills.

Constituents and legislators alike speak of Renny with the highest respect. For Rockingham County, but also for the sake of people across the state of N.H., I ask that you continue to support one of our finest legislators, and give him your vote on Nov. 6th.

Stephanie Scherr



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