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Do what you love, say what you need to

This is a great graphic! Wish I knew who to credit for it. I've learned that unplugging, getting outdoors, inhaling the fresh air, earthy goodness and exhaling the toxic, is great for all that emotionally and physically ails me.

I lost contact with a dear old friend for many years. I made an effort to reconnect and a number of years ago, we finally did. I missed her, but I didn't know that there was a hole in my heart until it was filled again. Last week we spent all afternoon walking at the seashore, talking, laughing, sharing and reconnecting. Though I don't see her often enough, we have much to talk about when we do.

One of the most precious relationships that has been growing is one with a very dear person who is suffering from ALS. We have deep and meaningful conversations, and I treasure every moment, but I don't know how I or his family will let him go. I know and yet my heart won't believe. All around us are reminders to seize every happy, loving moment and say what we need to say - every day. 💗

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