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Jay Inslee announces opposition to the Granite Bridge Pipeline (press release)

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

For Immediate Release: Friday, July 26, 2019  Contact: Inslee Press, (206) 486-0563

Inslee Announces Opposition to the Granite Bridge Pipeline

New Hampshire climate advocates praise Inslee’s leadership in advocating for Granite State families, and call on other 2020 candidates to follow Inslee’s lead. 

Seattle, WA – Governor Jay Inslee announced his opposition to the proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline in New Hampshire this morning. Inslee joins local environmental advocates in his opposition to the pipeline, and is the first 2020 candidate to speak out against its construction. 

Liberty Utilities proposed 27 mile-long natural gas (fracked methane) pipeline would extend from Manchester to Exeter, NH and includes a two billion cubic foot liquified natural gas (LNG) storage facility and liquefaction plant in Epping. The pipeline would expand natural gas dependence in New Hampshire and guarantee the continued use of dangerous fossil fuels for decades.

“It is long past time for the U.S. to end its dependence on fossil fuels,”said Jay Inslee on Friday. “In New Hampshire, we have an opportunity to begin that transition now, by preventing Liberty Utilities from cementing its reach across New Hampshire through the Granite Bridge Pipeline. This pipeline would raise costs for consumers, threaten our public health, and weaken our planet. It’s time to stand with local New Hampshire leaders fighting the pipeline’s construction.  “We have the technology and the will to transition to a clean energy economy, but we have a president in the White House who would rather cater to the oil and gas industry than protect American families. If elected president, I would act immediately to end U.S. dependence on fossil fuels, and put power back in the hands of American consumers and workers. Just like we were the first country to send a man to the moon, we can lead the world in creating a clean energy economy.” 

Inslee has been vocal in his opposition to pipelines across the country. In recent weeks, the governor called for the decommissioning of Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 and Line 5 pipelines in the midwest, earning significant praise from environmental leaders. Inslee has brought national attention to these projects, highlighting the devastating impacts these pipelines have on water quality and public health. 

In response to this morning’s announcement, New Hampshire environmental leaders praised Inslee’s leadership as the first 2020 candidate to take a stand against the pipeline and urged other candidates to follow Inslee’s lead. 

“Governor Inslee is right that now is not the time to expand fossil fuels, the energy of the past, not the future. Let’s be honest, the only reason the pipeline and tank are being pushed is for the profit of the few without the concern of the many. We’re excited the Governor is standing with the citizens of Epping and fighting for their families and their futures. We ask that other candidates and elected leaders oppose this unnecessary project and consider people first, instead of corporate interests.” – Joe Perry, Founder, Citizens for Local Control 

“Jay Inslee exemplifies leadership in calling out the Liberty Utilities Granite Bridge Pipeline and massive LNG tank that threaten New Hampshire communities. We fought the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline, now it's Granite Bridge. Jay Inslee understands that citizens across America are putting their lives on the line in epic battles against mighty fossil fuel companies, begging legislators and FERC to hear their pleas for Freedom From Fossil Fuels. We're in a state of climate emergency. We need all of our legislators, in every level of government, to listen to scientists and follow Jay's lead.” – Stephanie Scherr, Director ECHO Action

“350NH has been a leader in opposing the Granite Bridge Pipeline, and we applaud Governor Inslee’s leadership and willingness to stand with us against more fracked gas in our state. We urge more leaders and elected officials to join Governor Inslee and 350 in opposing these unnecessary fossil fuel projects that will only increase utility’s profits at the expense of our citizens, our environment, and our climate.” – 350 New Hampshire, Jennifer Dube, Pipeline Organizer



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