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Laura Lynch for State Rep in Temple, New Ipswich, Sharon

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

"Dear Editor,

Laura Lynch is a resident of Temple, and a Hillsborough County District 25 Democrat running for State Representative for Temple, New Ipswich and Sharon.

I met Laura while defending our towns against the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline and we became fast friends. She cares very deeply about her town, the people, children and their health. She wants to be the representative she knows her community and state deserves.

We’re in close touch, so even while campaigning, she remains informed about the statewide pipeline threat that continues. She knows that energy conservation, renewable energy and offshore wind are the answer to protecting Granite Staters from paying for pipelines and the gas leaks utilities allow to continue.

Laura engages quickly and easily with those of other parties, seeking common ground. Protecting our air, water and safety is a priority.

We align on many issues, so we meet at various rights advocacy events. She believes in equity and health care for all and solutions to the substance abuse crisis New Hampshire suffers from.

As a mother and grandmother, she supports our public schools and will fight to better fund them. She believes in common sense gun laws and will work to keep weapons out of schools.

Laura Lynch listens, she engages people, she cares and she follows up. She will hear you and represent you, no matter what your background, race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Isn’t that what we all deserve? Our State Representatives don’t just represent the people who voted for them, but all of us.

Laura will be the representative you can count on in Concord, so please make the time to head to the polls on November 6th. This midterm election is very important and your vote does count!

Stephanie Scherr


Monadnock Ledger

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