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Martin will be a strong voice for NH

"Pat Brady Martin has proven herself to be a dedicated community member of Rindge and the State of New Hampshire. A retired engineer, she’s done everything but stop working. She is already a strong voice and constant presence at the State House. It’s time we made it official and voted her in as our State Representative.

I call Pat the “Utility Whisperer”. She dives deep into documents, retrieves their numbers, crunches them and then supports or refutes them. If you try to sell a pipeline to Granite Staters with promises of riches, Pat will eat your numbers up and spit them out. She’s a strong advocate for consumers.

She supports union workers and opposes Right To Work legislation that seeks to destroy the bonds that build strong worker support systems. She is an advocate of women in the home, work, military and political office. She is an Air Force veteran, mentors college students, was a Board Member for the River Center for years, is ever-present at the Public Utilities Commission, assists with dance classes at Crotched Mountain weekly and delivers the Rindge newsletter.

I asked Representative John Hunt to support overriding Governor Sununu's veto on SB446, a bill that would have raised the solar cap from 1MW to 5MW. He didn’t agree with the override and said he would never get my vote anyway. Deciding you’re not my representative if we don’t agree on issues is unacceptable.

Overriding Governor Sununu’s veto was supported by Senator Kevin Avard. John Hunt has a 65KW solar system and benefits from net metering and renewable energy credits (REC), but would not vote to expand that benefit to his neighbors in Fitzwilliam and Rindge. Mr. Hunt also supported the NED pipeline, that caused a great deal of upheaval to our communities.

Pat Martin may be the most powerful voice in New Hampshire for energy efficiency and net metering. She understands the health, safety and economic benefits of renewable energy and the many ways in which we all benefit from it. Pat has boundless energy and a greater understanding of the issues of our region and state than many of our State Senators. I encourage residents of Fitzwilliam and Rindge to vote for Pat Martin on November 6th. FPU students can take the shuttle to their polling place in Rindge and vote, just bring your license. Learn more about Pat on Facebook and Twitter at PatMartin4NH."

Stephanie Scherr Fitzwilliam


🔴 The letter above is before the Keene Sentinel Editor removed, "most powerful voice" and added" "early on" to John Hunt's NED pipeline opposition. John Hunt never opposed NED. He stated that he would oppose it because the town voted against it. He personally always supported it.

🔴 At last night's League of Women Voters NH forum in Jaffrey, Representative John Hunt spoke over other candidates in the forum, including Pat Martin, and when Representative John O'Day said he'd consider an income tax, he said, "No, you won't." Fitzwilliam and Rindge need to replace this bully in Concord.

Keene Sentinel

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