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NH needs a fresh image, a makeover, to end fleeing youth

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Monadnock Region, New Hampshire — If connecting schools with businesses is part of the solution to youth flight from New Hampshire, let business be the gateway. Provide training, help repay student debt, have flexible schedules, subsidize housing and be a model for their future.

Instead of lobbying for more methane fracked gas, a fossil fuel greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide, lead the charge (pardon the pun) on energy efficiency, solar rooftops and parking lots, wind and heat pumps. Provide subsidies for low income solar and incentives for businesses that go green, taking pressure off our electrical grid.

The scenery may be welcoming, but “NH is open for business” means Governor Sununu and the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire (BIA) put corporations and profits over people. They must embrace innovation, protect natural resources, create safe, healthy places to work, play and raise families.

It may be unpopular, but an income tax would lower sky-high property taxes, instead of protecting the rich, creating barriers to home ownership. Building affordable housing communities with shared resources, more public transportation and bike lanes says, “Bienvenue New Hampshire”.

We probably need to rethink having 400 State Representatives so we can provide some kind of minimum salary and have term limits to infuse the House with citizens who are still in the game, not only the retired.

Raise the shocking $7.25 minimum wage, fairly fund schools and teacher salaries. Stop suppressing the youth vote and support free public colleges.

New Hampshire is in need of a fresh image, a state makeover, now.

Stephanie Scherr

#NHpolitics #FossilFree603

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What's Working: NH needs more housing, young people to combat worker shortage

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