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Silverman good choice for State Rep

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Susan Silverman has 23 years select board experience, is a Franklin Pierce University professor of fine arts, and is a dedicated civil servant. She is engaged in the community, listens to and considers all perspectives and has a refreshingly positive vision for the future of Fitzwilliam and Rindge.

When Kinder Morgan’s NED pipeline was suddenly routed through Southern New Hampshire in 2014, Susan became a founding member of the N.H. Municipal Pipeline Coalition, worked to protect Fitzwilliam’s aquifers and wetlands, testifying at the Nashua FERC hearing.

The NED pipeline was withdrawn, but natural (fracked) gas pipelines still threaten the Monadnock Region and state. A gas pipeline is proposed for under the Ashuelot River in Keene and the Granite Bridge Pipeline and giant LNG tank is planned from Manchester to the Seacoast.

Susan is an advocate for energy efficiency and has solar panels on her barn. She encouraged protection of our wetlands, some of which Fitzwilliam voted to designate as prime. She is a member of the Monadnock Energy Hub and has re-energized the Fitzwilliam Energy Committee. She knows that solar is the new bridge fuel, not fracked gas.

She wants to protect clean air and water, but as a small-business owner, wants to stimulate our economy, too. She understands that more jobs and economic growth will come from weatherization, sealing the leaks in pipelines, and installing solar and offshore wind, than any pipeline will.

I recently called my state representative, who has been in office for a very long time. I asked for his support in overriding the governor’s veto on SB 446, which would have raised the solar power net metering cap from 1MW to 5MW. He told me funding for that should come from RGGI, a program that has had its energy-efficiency funding gutted time and again, giving cup-of-coffee rebates back to consumers instead of investing in weatherization. He would not support overriding the veto and said, “I’ll never get your vote anyway.” He benefits from net metering, but would not vote to expand it to the rest of Granite Staters. He also supported the NED pipeline. It’s time for a change.

Susan will be a dedicated, engaged state representative who will have our backs in Concord. She is an excellent candidate to represent Fitzwilliam and Rindge and has my vote on Nov. 6. I encourage my neighbors and Franklin Pierce students to vote. You can learn more at SusanSilverman4NH.com.



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