NH Highly Qualified Educator

Secondary Education Certification, Biology, Grades 7-12

MA Excellence In Energy & Environmental Education, 2010

First honors citations from Office of Environmental Affairs,

MA House of Representatives and MA State Senate

Green Schools, "Green Difference Award", 2010

Outstanding Environmental Projects

   - Polar Climate Change curriculum in Environmental Science

   - Environmental Effort Led By Students

MA Excellence In Energy & Environmental Education, 2009

First honors citations from Office of Environmental Affairs,

MA House of Representatives and MA State Senate

Green Schools, "Green Difference Award", 2009

Outstanding Environmental Project

   - Excellence in High School reduction of single use disposables

MA Recycling Coalition, "Green Binnie Award", 2009

Presented at 20th Anniversary celebration, Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation. Only school recognized.

MA Green Team "Environmental Eagles", 2009, 2010, 2011

Gardner News, MA - Student Journalism

Most student articles chosen for publication out of all regional schools.

2007, 2008, 2009.

Massachusetts Tech Prep Course Alignment & Grant

  - Environmental Science and Environmental Issues courses: curriculum was written, aligned and approved to receive credit at MA community colleges and a grant awarded.


Middle School through College Level

Environmental Science

Environmental Issues

Environment Internship

Human Biology


Earth Science

Physical Science

Journalism / Writing


Social Media For Change

Environmental Advocacy Mentor (KSC)



Go Green Environmental Club

Massachusetts Envirothon Team

Journalism Club

Earth Bound Environmental Newsletter

School to Career Internships

Explorer’s Club

Green Beans Vegetarian/Vegan Club

Educational Philosophy

Working with students has always been a part of my life - everything from being a Girl Scout Camp unit leader, AIM summer camp and Eco-Scouts leader to being a dance instructor and science teacher. For young people, the world is new and full of opportunities to influence and change it. As a teacher, I feed minds, increase confidence and encourage independent thought. Not all days are easy, but I can roll with the best and most challenging moments. I have a sense of humor and am understanding of the changing lives of maturing youth. Their energy is infectious and always a joy.

Making students a priority, I find that getting to know them as a class and as individuals is important to understanding and accommodating their needs. Every class has its own unique chemistry and every student has their own goals and path to achievement. Each students brings a knowledge base, level of maturity, skill, talent and personal experience into the classroom. I offer innovative projects and choices that tailor their education to their personal strengths, while being challenging and increasing confidence in areas that need more attention.


Project-oriented and experiential learning are a strength. I focus on research, writing, problem solving and creativity, applying the scientific method, in line with standards. Grading is electronic and kept up-to-date. I am frequently praised for the detail of my work, incorporating research, reading, writing and technology into assignments, having a colorful classroom, fostering an environment of mutual respect and responsibility, community service projects and taking students on meaningful field trips.


offer student conferencing to discuss their work and progress in the course. Professional development and curriculum are kept current, edited frequently for relevance and real world application. The classroom is organized and assignments have detailed instructions. Students are taught to view problems from different perspectives and to be good citizens by considering others, the short and long term impacts of their decisions.

A teacher is not simply an instructor, but a guide in becoming a good citizen in the community and world.

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